Trust & Escrow


Trust & Escrow

AccountingTasks4U has the experience clients want when it comes to handling the very important accounting tasks related to trusts and escrows.  This includes the management and preparation of the taxes related to the management of accounts. Our company will handle all tasks in a timely manner. Such as, reconciliations, reporting inconsistencies, system data entries, auditing files, and preparing reports for distribution. Each task will be performed with absolute completeness, to ensure that you will have no worries with regards to your account. We will also electronically file documents to make sure there are always records of transactions.

Tracking Trust and Escrow payments and deposits are important in many industries. These transactions are often not simultaneous, and certain preconditions must be met before conveyance of the property and payment of money. We at AccountingTasks4U can manage the following:

  • Reconcile monthly deposits to supporting documents
  • Reconcile monthly disbursements to supporting documents
  • Create monthly, quarterly, annual reports to balance accounts
  • Balance monthly bank statements to financial software
  • Manage deposits and disbursements for security deposits
  • Record and track interest on trust and escrow accounts
  • Calculate interest on disbursements according to state laws.

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