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Hiring, rehiring, and training an on-site accounting staff can be expensive. Every time a team member quits or loses focus, there is a cost to your organization. Many times, this cost is equivalent to that of at least six to nine months of salary.

Choosing AccountingTasks4U as a virtual accounting team to serve your organization can easily save an average $10,000 per person, including taxes and benefits.

Let us be the accounting expert and complete those necessary accounting tasks for your business, saving you time, money, and wasted training hours.

Rita Young-Lewis


After spending many years working for other businesses managing accounting needs, I put my experience to use, taking the lead in starting my own virtual accounting firm. Now, the expertise gained through the years is employed as my company, AccountingTasks4U.com, works closely with clients, helping to guide businesses through all of their accounting processes.

The passion I have for accounting and data has followed me throughout my 22-year career, during which I have spent a great deal of time working in the Vacation Rental/Property Management industry.  With the unique elements and unpredictability that come along with such fields, I quickly developed a burning passion for the industry, where each day brings along new challenges and problems to be solved.

Over the course of my career, I have earned degrees in Computer Science and Accounting, as well as an MBA.  My experience is extensive, involving all aspects of the day-to-day operations in many accounting departments. Spending so many years in the vacation rental industry has led me to greatly value customer service and client communication, which I consider to be critical aspects of any business relationship.

My career has taken me from the beach to the mountains, and on many adventures in between.  While I am recharging and relaxing, you can find me camping, biking, hiking, or fishing as much as time allows.

Accounting can be scary, intimidating, and extremely time consuming for business owners.  Working with AccountingTasks4U, you can be assured that all of your accounting tasks will be completed correctly and timely, with the utmost attention to keeping your data secure and protected during storage and communication.

Reach out, let’s talk, and learn more about how my team and I can help your business.

Our Services



Let us support your payroll responsibilities by assisting with the:

●Processing of time sheets, assisting with complicated pay levels and pay types

●Calculation of payroll with all applicable taxes, deductions, and garnishments

●Payment to employees utilizing direct deposits, checks, or pay cards

●Management of all necessary taxes to the Internal Revenue Service and State agencies




We will keep you as involved as you want to be, offering reporting, dashboards, and summaries directly to you.

We manage all your balance sheets, income statements, and expenses, in addition to all of your billing and sales transactions online, allowing you to get paid faster. 

We reconcile all your credit card and bank statements so that you know your financial status in an instant.



Budgeting and Forecasting


We offer budgeting and sales forecasting services to help:

●Assure you are spending money when and where you should

●Decrease your business's financial risk

●Make your business run simply and efficiently




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